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What kind of work do we put in to make a difference?

The Mission of 3 Betties Foundation, Inc. is to be a beacon of Hope through the dark times associated with a cancer diagnosis. These folks are already giving everything they have mentally, physically, and emotionally.  It's our job to find out how we can take some of those burdens and lighten their load! Reach out to us to find the resources you need to help you in the fight!  Even if it's not in our local area, we will reach out to your area and see where we can guide you for help closer by!  Here's a few of the ways we've been able to help:

  • Over the years, we've put together care packages for the newly diagnosed patients at the Cancer Center in Charleston.

  • When the new Ronald McDonald House opened, we donated $200 worth of toys for their playroom.  We also purchased a computer for the families to keep in touch with family and friends without depending on their cell phones.

  • When approached about a family in need, we will offered to take our merchandise/info stand to set up at an event and give half of the money raised to the family for miscellaneous expenses.

  • We've orchestrated food drives during November to help keep the Ronald McDonald House stocked throughout the year.

  • We've worked with different groups to get Christmas gifts donated to the Cancer Center, so when folks come in for treatment, they go home with a smile on their face, realizing that someone they've never met is pulling for them to win the fight!

  • After a successful fundraiser, we were able to send $400 to a young lady who was having trouble getting caught up on some of her bills.

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